Our Advantage

Highly scalable managed hosting plans you can grow with. From basic managed shared hosting solutions through to high performance load-balanced dedicated server solutions to support your large-scale, mission critical applications, including ExpressionEngine and Helpspot along with other CMS, e-commerce, and SaaS applications.



We use state-of-the-art load-balanced clustering technology which enables groups of servers to work in unison to handle web, e-mail and other vital services for our clients. Our F5 load-balancers track the performance of the servers in each cluster, and send new traffic requests to the server that is currently handling the least number of requests, and is also responding the fastest to new requests. If one of the servers in a cluster is too slow, or not responding at all, requests are sent on to other servers in the cluster, making sure requests are handled quickly and correctly.

performance tuned

Performance Tuned

Our staff constantly monitor and evaluate our shared and dedicated web hosting solutions. With years of experience managing dynamically generated web sites, we have the know-how to get the absolute best performance possible from our servers and network.



Clients can easily and quickly be moved between our different hosting solutions as their site needs grow and change. A client can easily migrate from simple shared web hosting all the way up to a complex load-balanced dedicated web server solution seamlessly. Likewise, our web hosting clusters can be upgraded and additional servers added at any time, allowing us to scale and increase cluster capacity without affecting uptime or performance during the growth.

fast networks

Fast Networks

Our data center locations are outfitted with redundant GigE/OC12 or greater connections to the net through top transit providers and our own servers are all interconnected with, at a minimum of, GigE Ethernet. Likewise, our servers and clusters are dedicated to specific tasks enabling us to better optimize the systems and fine tune the performance. Separated services ensure that our web server clusters do not have to expend processing power to handle email accounts, for example. This approach is in stark contrast to most hosting companies which run all services associated with a particular web site on a single server.

business availability

Business Availability

Starting with our Tipping Point Intrusion Prevention Systems, Juniper SSG Firewalls, F5 Network load-balancers, and Netapp storage arrays, down to the high-quality rack-mounted 24 and 32 cpu core Dell servers, everything we have incorporated into our network is designed around performance and availability. All of this allows our customers to enjoy consistent performance regardless of traffic or load, as well as uninterrupted service, even if a hardware failure occurs. Clustering also allows hardware and software upgrades to happen with almost zero down-time.


In-House Support

We directly support our clients so there is no outsourcing to a call center nor are support emails handled by people unfamiliar with our systems or network. Instead, our staff handles all support requests directly, enabling us to give factual answers about your site, our servers and network, or anything revolving around services provided to our clients.