EngineHosting / Gippy's Internet - Existing Clients - Please Read

As of May 27, 2014, EngineHosting is no longer selling new hosting accounts. Rest assured that we are committed to supporting our existing clients and your current hosting services will continue uninterrupted!

New Solutions - Arcustech - Same commitment to service

While we are no longer selling new hosting accounts under the EngineHosting name, we are working with current clients on moving to our new Arcustech Fully Managed SSD VPS server solutions. We think you will like these new offerings! If you are an existing client and have any questions, please contact our Support Team for assistance. We are fully committed to working with you and supplying you with advanced hosting solutions.

Arcustech - Fully Managed, Ultra-Fast FusionIO SSD VPS Servers

If you are looking for high performance web hosting on fully managed VPS servers starting at $12.50/month to power your Craft CMS, ExpressionEngine, WordPress, Statamic, PyroCMS or 1000's of other web applications please head over to Arcustech.com now!

Arcus VPS Lite - $12.50/month - A "Lite" VPS solution for sites traditionally running on Shared Hosting but wanting more.

Arcus SSD VPS - Starting at $25/month - Our full line of fully managed VPS Servers, all with Ultra-fast FusionIO SSD storage!