Service Level Agreement (SLA)

Shared Hosting

With basic nature of shared hosting we do not offer a service level agreement or uptime guarantee, but strive hard to keep uptime and availability as high as possible for all of our shared hosting clients.

Virtual Servers - VSC and VPS Plans - End of Life

As of Oct 31, 2014, we announced the "End of Life" for all of our Virtual Server product lines, including our VPS (Virtual Private Servers) and VSC (Virtual Server Clusters). We do not offer any level of uptime, or general availability guarantees at all, and clients are urged to keep strong backups of all of their data. As an end of life product, again, there are no availability guarantees for data or backups.

As we are maintaining VPS and VSC accounts to the best of our ability in this end of life period, and we will provide whatever assistance we can, but customers must address the need to move important data and web sites to alternative solutions

Since Oct 31, 2014 we have strongly urged all VPS and VSC clients to sign up for and migrate their web sites to VPS server solutions at Arcustech as that is the upgrade and forward available VPS solutions for EngineHosting customers

Revision Date: October 31, 2014 Revision: 1A