Arcustech - Fully Managed, Ultra-Fast VPS Servers

We are pleased to announce that on Oct 7th 2013 is now live!

As of today, the only new hosting accounts available at EngineHosting will be Shared Hosting packages.

If you are looking for high performance, fully managed VPS servers starting at JUST $25/month to power your CraftCMS, ExpressionEngine, WordPress, Statamic, PyroCMS or other web applications please head over to now! and are run and managed by the same core team of people, but the sites will be focused on different types of services going forward.


Arcustech is a new branch of a company whose history goes back more than 15 years. It is this history and original vision that we are continuing. We have always believed that "managed servers" would be the primary focus rather than being an afterthought and we are keeping that tradition strong in Arcustech. No self-managed servers are offered. Instead, we are here to work with you as your server and IT department, assisting with scaling, optimization, and recommending future directions for your needs.


Technologically, it's all brand new. We have taken the experiences of the past 15 years and blended them with leading, proven technologies, ranging from redundant 10GE networks to enterprise grade SSD drives and FusionIO ultra-low latency PCIe flash storage cards to our blade-based F5 VIPRION Application Delivery systems. Ultraspeed and reliability are the key factors we were after and we have been knocking people's socks off with the results.


What we have launched today is just the beginning, Phase I of our Master Plan. Advances in technologies including Software Defined Storage, Software Defined Networking, new advances in larger and faster multi-core CPUs, and massive changes in flash (SSD) storage are being announced daily. Our staff are constantly working with these and other technologies to make them production ready and available to you.


"It's not unusual for ArcusTech to serve a dynamic DB driven web page faster than a cached static version of that same page through any other web host. It's so fast that you wonder if you're imagining things." - Mitchell Kimbrough - Solspace, Inc.

"The Speed is amazing. It seriously loads faster than my localhost. I'm in awe and disbelief." - Brandon Kelly - Pixel & Tonic / Craft CMS